Internet Casino Roulette Games

By | Jan 24, 2012

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Our technology has certainly changed the way we live. The set of equipments and gadgets that we have today has made life very hassle-free. As for roulette, technology has made internet casino roulette games possible.

What are internet casino roulette games? How advantageous is it to play these games? How different are they from live casino roulette games?

What is an Internet Casino Roulette Game?

An internet casino roulette game is a roulette game that you can play online. This game uses a computer program to produce the roulette spin results. This computer program is called the Random Number Generator or the RNG program.

You can play a free internet casino roulette game or you can make real money bets on the roulette table. Free internet casino roulette games allow roulette players to become more familiar with playing roulette online and with navigating the particular casino that they are playing it on. When you play free internet casino roulette games, you do not have to gamble any amount of money on it. This makes these games ideal for roulette practice.

On the other hand, making real money bets on internet casino roulette games would mean that you may have to deposit some amount of money in an online casino. You will use this deposit in making your bets. The good thing about depositing in online casinos is that most of the online casinos today provide roulette bonuses. This is something that you may never really get or enjoy if you play in land based casinos.

In playing internet casino roulette games, you just have to click a few icons in making your bets. Some of the icons that you can find or click in an internet casino roulette game are repeat, spin, undo/remove and clear all. This is what an internet casino roulette game is and this is how easy it is to play it.

What are the Benefits of Playing Internet Casino Roulette Games?

Roulette is almost synonymous to money. When you play roulette in live or land based casinos, there is a need for you to spend money and sometimes even “big money”. Essentially, in playing roulette in traditional casinos, you don’t just spend on the bets that you are going to make on the roulette table. You may have to spend on traveling, lavish clothes and even on expensive drinks and food.

If you play an internet casino roulette game, you may never really have to spend on the extra expenses that you may have to make in land based casinos. This makes this game surely much more cost effective. When you play an internet casino roulette game, you don’t have to travel, dress up (or even get dressed) and spend on drinks or food. You can play an internet casino roulette game anywhere you are, whenever you want to and whatever clothes you are wearing.

Moreover, since you don’t have to go far or to prepare anything, an internet casino roulette game is absolutely more convenient than land based casino roulette games.

What you just have to remember is that internet casino roulette games can be as addictive as online live roulette games. Thus, always be sure to set a budget first before you start your internet casino roulette game session.

Free Online European Roulette Games

By | Jan 18, 2012

Online roulette games have become very popular because roulette games played online are certainly more inexpensive and more convenient compared to live casino roulette games. However, apart from these reasons, what makes online roulette games very interesting is the set of free roulette games that any roulette player can take advantage of. Of the two kinds of free roulette games available today, the most commonly played one is the free online European roulette game.

What Makes Free Online European Roulette Games Popular?

Maybe some of the newbies in playing roulette are asking why more people choose or play free online European roulette games over the other the kind of free roulette game. Why not choose free American roulette games?

Well, the logic behind this is very simple. That is because the European roulette game can give any roulette player a better advantage on the roulette table compared to the American roulette game. If you play roulette seriously, and if you want to win more roulette games, then you should choose and practice playing European roulette games. The best way to practice playing this game is through playing free online European roulette games.

If you play free online European roulette games for practice, you can certainly become more familiar with the rules, mechanics and everything that encompasses the European roulette game. Furthermore, free online European roulette games are also very ideal for strategizing or for testing various roulette strategies.

Playing free online European roulette games can really help roulette players, whether novice or expert, in becoming more adept to playing European roulette.

Where Can You Find Free Online European Roulette Games?

As its name implies, a free online European roulette game can be found online. This kind of roulette game is not offered or provided by land based casinos. You can play free online European roulette games through online casinos.

Online casinos provide this game to persuade roulette players to play roulette online. When you play a free online European roulette game, you’d get a feel of what and how it feels like playing European roulette online. Furthermore, playing a free online European roulette game should help you become more accustomed to navigating European online roulette games, and the particular online casino where you may be playing it.

Online casinos are not the only websites that provide free online European roulette games. You can also make use of online gaming websites to play this kind of roulette game. Although online gaming websites won’t really urge you to make real money deposits, you can essentially help online gaming websites earn income. This is through advertisements. Since roulette, especially the European roulette, is a very popular game, there are so many online gaming websites that actually provide free online European roulette games.

A free online European roulette game is not only perfect for getting-to-know European roulette better. Many people also play free online European roulette games for pure fun. It is not very different from real European roulette games. Thus, it can provide almost the same level of excitement to any player. So whether you are aiming to become very good at playing roulette or if you just want to havefun, playing a free online European roulette game is the best activity for you.

Cheating at Roulette – The Roulette Cheating Device

By | Jan 10, 2012

Albert Einstein was one of the many people who became captivated with the game roulette. Well, how could he miss the chance to unlock the secret of beating roulette? Unfortunately, like all of those who tried different ways in beating roulette, Einstein came to a conclusion that you can never beat roulette unless you start cheating at roulette.

Cheating at roulette was not only limited to roulette players. There are also a few casino owners that actually created schemes to cheat on their players. The ways to cheat at roulette may range from minor methods like switching bets to more elaborate systems like tilting the roulette table. Some got caught cheating at roulette while others came home with huge winnings.

Among all the ways in cheating at roulette, perhaps the best one is through the use of cheating devices for casinos. So, what is a roulette cheating device? How can it help you successfully cheat at roulette?

Cheating at Roulette – How Does the Roulette Cheating Device Work?

The roulette cheating device is a very simple device that has a very complex purpose. It aims to provide you the right roulette slots to bet on. It can do this by gathering enough data and analyzing this data.

The device is divided into three parts namely the recorder or clicker, computer and earpiece. The recorder or the clicker takes note of the acceleration or deceleration of the roulette wheel and the ball. Whatever it has recorded will then be relayed to the computer. The computer will have to analyze the data and the results of this analysis will be transmitted to the roulette player by use of an earpiece. This is how you use the device in cheating at roulette.

Remember that in using this device in cheating at roulette, you have to be sure to keep them concealed. Make sure that the sizes of your recorder or clicker and your computer should be small enough to fit a mobile phone, MP3 player or a cigarette lighter. The earpiece should also be very small that it would look as if it’s not there.

Cheating at Roulette – Where Can You Get a Roulette Cheating Device?

The electronic roulette cheating device can be bought for £1,000. When you search the web, there are plenty of people selling it. You can order and pay it online. That is how popular the use of this device is in cheating at roulette and that is how easy it is to acquire a roulette cheating device.

Since the device sounds very popular, you might be thinking that casinos may already know about it and may have created sanctions to those who are caught using it in cheating at roulette. Actually, the use of this device is not illegal as long as it does not interfere with the normal process of the game. However, since it allows roulette players to win more at roulette, casinos are not really happy about it. What they can do to you once you get caught using the device in cheating at roulette is that they may ban you from playing in their casino or they may not pay your winnings.

Using the device in cheating at roulette can be really exciting. Nevertheless, if you are not into the kind of high that this device brings, then just stick with safe and effective roulette strategies.

Roulette Tips and Strategies to Help You Win at Roulette

By | Jan 5, 2012

What makes roulette truly an exciting game is that it is completely based on luck. Nevertheless, that is not what roulette is all about. The game always provides a tiny room for some creativity. This means that there are a few roulette tips and strategies that you can actually apply to give you better “luck” on the roulette table. Luckily, for the 300 years or so of roulette existence, roulette players have been really creative. This led to the creation of countless roulette tips and strategies for the future roulette players to take advantage of.

Roulette Tips and Strategies – Understanding Roulette

Most roulette players and aspiring roulette players understand that roulette is a very simple game. It has very simple rules and mechanics. Anyone who wishes to play roulette can basically learn to play it in a day or two. However, studying how the game works regardless of how easy it may seem to be, is one of the primary roulette tips and strategies that you must follow.

Why is understanding the game one of the most important roulette tips and strategies? Why can’t you just toss your chips on the table mindlessly? After all, roulette is a game of chance.

The answer to these questions is very simple. Studying the game is one of the best roulette tips and strategies because by fully understanding what the game is all about, you can make better decisions. Remember that although roulette is a game of chance, there are a few decisions on the roulette table that can either increase or decrease your “luck”. If you have adequate knowledge about the game, then you will surely make the choices that can give you a better advantage.

One very good example of why understanding the game is one of the most essential roulette tips and strategies is choosing the roulette game to play. When you study roulette, you will find out that there two kinds of roulette games. These games differ from each other in a way that the first game provides the house a better edge than the other game. So, you must know what these games are and you must choose the one that can give you a better edge.

Roulette Tips and Strategies – Practicing Roulette

If you browse through the different roulette tips and strategies, you will find a very common word. This word is “Practice”.

Practicing roulette is among the experts’ roulette tips and strategies because by practicing you do not only become more adept to playing roulette or playing in a casino, but it can also give you a chance to come up with an effective game plan. Practicing allows you to hit two birds with one stone. Thus, practicing playing roulette is certainly one of the roulette tips and strategies that you must prioritize.

In practicing roulette, you can make use of cost effective and convenient ways such as playing free roulette games online or purchasing your own roulette set. These ways can actually give you an infinite time for practice at a very low cost.

There are many other roulette tips and strategies that you may find as you start your journey in playing roulette. These are only the basic ones. Once you have found these roulette tips and strategies, be sure to follow the ones that are certainly helpful.

Roulette System Forum – Find the Right Roulette Information

By | Dec 27, 2011

Online casinos have actually made it very practical for roulette players to play roulette. The possibility of playing roulette wherever or whenever you may want to was just a dream a couple of years ago. Now, roulette players can simply turn their computer or mobile gadgets on, connect to the internet and play roulette. However, the internet provided more than just the convenience of playing roulette. It has given better alternatives to learn about roulette. One of these alternative ways is by joining a roulette system forum online.

What Can a Roulette System Forum Provide a Roulette Player?

The best service that the internet provides our society is information dissemination. With a simple click of the mouse, information, whether good or bad, can spread like fire in a matter of seconds. That is how powerful the internet is. The same idea is followed by a roulette system forum. It aims to provide and spread information among the millions of roulette players that visit the web.

Normally, a roulette system forum can provide you bits and pieces of information about old and new roulette systems. It may include a roulette system’s introduction, tutorial, advantages, disadvantages and many others. Apart from that, a roulette system forum may also help you identify which among the roulette systems available today are genuine and which ones are bogus.

If you are looking for the right roulette system to use, or if you are verifying the effectiveness of a certain roulette system, then the roulette system forum is the right place to visit. A roulette system forum provides a collective knowledge about roulette systems. These pieces of knowledge should direct you to the best roulette system.

How to Join a Roulette System Forum?

Roulette system forums are all over the internet. It shouldn’t take you a very long time to find a good roulette system forum to join.

Oftentimes, to join an online roulette forum, you may have to register. In registering, you will have to input personal information such as name, email address, age, birthday, contact number and address. You may also have to choose a username and a password.

Registrations on these forums are usually approved immediately. However, there are forums that may require an activation key. This key is often sent to your email address. There are also roulette system forums wherein registrations need approval from moderators and you may have to wait for a couple of days before your registration gets approved.

What makes a roulette system forum ideal to gather the information that you may need about roulette systems or particular roulette system is that it can be interactive. This means that apart from forum posts and discussions, some roulette system forums allow their members to communicate with each other via real-time chatting or private messages. With this feature, you can directly ask questions or share ideas with the other members of the forum.

A roulette system forum is a good way to learn about and understand roulette systems. Just be sure to follow the bylaws provides by the forum that you have joined. If you break any of the rules set by the moderators, you may get banned from the forum. Don’t abuse your privileges. Instead, make a good use of it.

Mayer Roulette System Review

By | Dec 21, 2011

Online roulette systems are sprouting like mushrooms these days. There so many roulette systems to choose from, and this makes the selection process such a laborious task. However, if you really intend to win at roulette by using the right roulette system, then you wouldn’t mind exerting time and effort on finding it. You might want to start your search with one of the most controversial roulette systems today. This system is the Mayer roulette system.

What is the Mayer Roulette System?

If you want to learn about the Mayer roulette system, then online search engines can be your friend. Luckily, for the Mayer roulette system, plenty of materials have been written and published about it. These materials would make it easier for you to decide whether to use or not to use the Mayer roulette system.

To find out the truth behind the Mayer roulette system, it would be helpful to visit their website first. The Mayer roulette system’s website may be biased towards the system. Nevertheless, you can use whatever is written or seen on their website as a basis for your research.

Essentially, the proponent of the system claims that he is a mathematician and that the Mayer roulette system is based on a tangible mathematical analysis. It is also mentioned that the Mayer roulette system is a result of a 7-year roulette research. It is also believed to provide roulette players a 94.38% success rate out of 100 spins.

The Mayer roulette system is said to be effective in such a way that it is not dependent on luck and it can be used for both online and live roulette games. In addition to that, the Mayer roulette system does not involve bet leveraging, and it does not use any kind of combination bets. It is originally sold at £159.99 but if you purchase it today, you can get it for only £10. Aside from that, if you feel that the Mayer roulette system is ineffective, the company providing the system offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

These are the basic factors that make up the Mayer roulette system. These pieces of information should help you find the truth about this system and decide whether it is a good system to buy or not.

What Do People Think about the Mayer Roulette System?

Once you have visited the Mayer roulette system’s website, what you can do next is find out about user comments, reviews and feedbacks. Knowing what people think, especially those who have used it, will give you a better idea of how the Mayer roulette system works.

What makes the Mayer roulette system very attractive is that it has plenty of positive feedbacks and reviews. As a matter of fact, it has earned a 4.09/5 overall rating from its users. This rating is telling us that those who have used or applied the Mayer roulette system are very satisfied with the results that the system has provided them.

Hopefully, these information about the Mayer roulette system will help you understand it better. Nonetheless, if you have more questions or uncertainties, you can always make further researches or you can also directly ask those who have tried the system through roulette forums and discussions. If your research provides positive results about the Mayer roulette system, then purchase it now. Otherwise, forget the idea of buying it and try searching for and researching about other roulette systems.

How to Play Online Roulette – Tips on Winning at Roulette

By | Dec 15, 2011

The latest addition to the world of roulette is the availability of online roulette games. Although it is more convenient than land based casino roulette games, it is still the same kind of roulette game. If you want to know how to play online roulette and win, there are plenty of resources online that can provide you useful and helpful information. These bits of information should guide you on how to play online roulette and win.

How to Play Online Roulette: Tip # 1 – Find the Right Online Casino

The very first step on learning how to play online roulette is to find the right online casino to join. When you surf the internet, you will find several casinos operating online. These online casinos may not be very different from each other except for the deals that they provide a roulette player.

Normally, online casinos use the Roulette Number Generator software. This software ideally provides unbiased and purely random roulette spin results. Before an online casino is given a permit to operate, the software should be checked by trusted online gambling boards.

Online casinos usually provide free or demo roulette games such as the free online Roulette Bodog games. These games should help you understand how to play online roulette. In using these games to learn how to play online roulette, you may make use of demo chips or play roulette online play money to make your bets. A free or demo roulette game should have the same characteristics as the real roulette game. To play roulette online free should help you get a good grip on how to play online roulette in the particular online casino where you are given the chance to play free casino money wheel.

Furthermore, aside from free roulette games that can be used to learn how to play online roulette, most online casinos provide bonuses. For instance, there are online casinos that actually double your initial bet.

The idea in finding the best online casino is to look for the one that provides the best deal. You can start your search with the most popular online casinos today.

How to Play Online Roulette: Tip # 2 – Use the Best Online Roulette Software

If you want to know how to play online roulette and win, then you must read about the different online roulette software available at this point in time.

An online roulette software will not only help you win at roulette, but will also give you an idea on how to play online roulette the right way. Most of the time, it can provide you useful strategies on how you should make your bets. There are also online roulette software that allow you to simulate roulette games for you to strategize more properly and to understand how to play online roulette better.

What you just have to remember if you opt to use an online roulette software is that most of them are for sale. Before you decide on buying any kind of roulette software, be sure to conduct researches about its usability and effectiveness first. In this way, you can get the best online roulette software that can truly assist you on how to play online roulette and win.

There are so many ways to learn how to play online roulette and win more games. Finding the best ways may require your utmost dedication. Nevertheless, once you start winning online roulette games, all your hard work will be paid off.

Does the Roulette System Work – Roulette Wheel Bias System

By | Dec 8, 2011

Among the different systems and strategies used in the attempt to beat roulette, one of the most controversial and most popular is the roulette wheel bias system. This is a system that has garnered the interest of many roulette enthusiasts all over the world. Although it has been successfully used in the past, many are still asking the question “Does the roulette system work?”

Does the roulette system work? How does the roulette system work? How can it give you the win that you want? These are some of the questions that we will try to discuss and answer about the roulette wheel bias system.

Does the Roulette System Work – The Biased Wheel Concept

Back in the early 1990s, a roulette player named Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo had a very brilliant idea about roulette. This idea was that the roulette wheel results are not perfectly random. One might think that the house is cheating or there is a way to cheat the house. Well, with all honesty, the house has already cheated its players, since roulette games always provide the house a better edge against roulette players. However, in the case of Pelayo’s idea, before questions like “Does the roulette system work?” were asked, he was actually referring to a bias spot on the roulette wheel. His idea gave birth to the roulette wheel bias system, and to questions such as “Does the roulette system work?”

What Pelayo did was to inspect the roulette spin results. He recorded several roulette spin results. After getting the data he needed, he then used a computer to analyze his data. As predicted, he was right. Some numbers appear more often than the others. This information alone should give you a very good answer to the question “Does the roulette system work?”

Does the Roulette System Work – What Makes a Roulette Wheel Biased?

Pelayo used the roulette system he discovered at the Casino de Madrid in Spain. He used the system to predict roulette spin results. This gave him a better edge on the roulette table. With his newly discovered system, he bagged 600,000 Euros in one day. Unsurprisingly, the casino he played in wasn’t happy about it. They even filed a complaint against him.

So, how does the roulette system work? What are the factors that make a roulette wheel imperfect?

Essentially, Pelayo contested that it was not his fault why roulette wheels aren’t perfect. Any way you look at it, he has a point. The court also agreed with Pelayo and ordered the casinos to fix their wheels.

Before you ask the question “Does the roulette system work?” about the roulette wheel bias system, you should know how does the roulette system work. This is not really a difficult science to understand. What we have to remember is that the equipments used in a roulette game have their limits. For example, a roulette table may be a little tilted. This tiny tilt can actually change the course of the ball. Furthermore, as time passes by and after hundreds of roulette spins, roulette wheels may acquire damages. These damages can also provide biased results.

This is what the roulette wheel biased system is all about. This is how the system works. With these pieces of information provided, it should give some clarity to the question “Does the roulette system work?”, regarding the roulette wheel biased system.

Although the roulette bias wheel system shakes our idea about roulette, it should never stop us from believing in the game. Whether the question “Does the roulette system work?” is answered or not, roulette will always be a fun game to play. So, let’s just enjoy the game, win or lose.

American Roulette Strategy: How to Play the Game

By | Dec 1, 2011

The history of the American roulette can be traced back to the 18th century. This game was developed from its predecessor, the European roulette. With some minor variations from its European counterpart, the American roulette is considered as the game of choice in US land based casinos and online casinos. Players in US casinos and American players in online casinos, make use of the American roulette strategy to enjoy this game of roulette.

Strategizing Your Game with the American Roulette Strategy

Before you read more about using the American roulette strategy in your game, you need to know some important games facts about American roulette such as the roulette wheel rules or the roulette wheel colors. The roulette ball is not controlled by a memory. Meaning, the past and future results do not affect each other. Knowing this fact will enlighten every roulette player that there is no such thing as a next probable outcome as to where the ball will land.

Back in the 18th century, a group of immigrants from France came to the United States and introduced several casino games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Because they are now in the United States, they made minor changes to the European roulette system. They basically added the double zero to the roulette wheel. This became the double zero roulette wheel layout. Anybody who knows their basic math will understand that the roulette wheel American gives casinos a better edge. Hence, the first American roulette strategy that every player must learn is not to play the American roulette layout when they have the option to play European roulette.

How to Manage your Bets with the American Roulette Strategy

If you choose to play roulette wheel casino using the American roulette strategy, start by concentrating on outside bets. Betting in roulette can be done thru inside and outside bets. The American roulette strategy of using inside bets will give you a lower probability on winning with a higher payout, while the American roulette strategy of using outside bets will provide you a higher probability of winning with a lower payout.

Using the American roulette strategy of placing inside bets will lure unsuspecting players because of the higher payout. The 35-1 payout that inside bets offer can be hard to resist if you are not aware of your odds. The American roulette strategy of using outside bets on the other hand, offers a 1-1 payout. Although the payout is not as high as the outside bets, knowing the fact that you have more chances of winning with outside bets will make playing roulette worth your while.

For players who would really want to try an American roulette strategy of betting on inside bets, it is recommended to stay away from single digit numbers. A split bet which consists of two adjoining numbers, gives a 17-1 payout. While a three line bet or otherwise known as the street bet, where a player has to bet on three numbers which are on a single line, gives a 11-1 payout. Another bet that one can try is the cornet bet, where four numbers that have a common meeting point on the table is chosen. It gives an 8-1 payout.

If you want to use a good American roulette strategy, keep in mind that bets with a higher payout gives you a lower probability of winning. You have the choice as to what type of bet or American roulette strategy you will want to wager your money on. With the facts presented here, we hope you make the right choice.

Roulette Felt Layout – Experience Roulette at Its Best

By | Nov 25, 2011

When roulette became one of the most popular casino games, there have been plenty of variations created to allow roulette enthusiasts to enjoy a game of roulette anywhere they may be or at any time of the day. For example, you may be able to find a roulette board game, roulette sets for sale and an online roulette game. If you were to buy your own roulette set, you can make it look more like the real casino roulette game by using or choosing a roulette felt layout. With the roulette felt layout, you may be able to get the casino experience without actually going to the casino.

The Advantages of Getting the Roulette Felt Layout

Purchasing a roulette felt layout can be very advantageous to you especially if you are taking roulette seriously. First, the roulette felt layout will allow you to practice roulette without limits. Being a roulette expert takes more than just a few visits to the casino. It takes a lot of practice. Well, if you frequently play roulette through casinos, then you can surely practice. Nevertheless, this can be very costly. Remember that apart from spending money on the bets that you will make, you will have to live a lifestyle set by land based casinos. For instance, you may have travel long distances, dress appropriately or buy some expensive drinks. With your very own roulette felt layout, you don’t really have to make these unnecessary expenses. You can even play and practice roulette without actually gambling any amount of money using a roulette felt layout.

Another advantage of procuring your own roulette felt layout is that you can use it for parties or gatherings in your house. Remember that a roulette felt layout will make you feel like you are playing on a real casino table. This will provide you the casino like ambience to make your guests, family members and friends feel the excitement of playing roulette.

Where Can You Get the Roulette Felt Layout?

The easiest way to find a roulette felt layout is through the internet. You can make use of search engines to make your searches. There are many online stores today that can provide you a roulette felt layout. A roulette felt layout can be as cheap as $10.95 or can be as expensive as $325.00. Depending on how much your budget is, you can get a roulette felt layout that can surely make your roulette experience more realistic without having to go to land based casinos. A much more expensive roulette felt layout may allow you to customize it according to your color or design preferences.

If you really enjoy playing roulette, or if you sincerely want to learn how to play roulette, a roulette felt layout is a very good investment. You don’t really have to spend thousands of dollars gambling in casinos. You don’t really have to dress up or travel. By getting your own roulette felt layout, you can enjoy roulette at home or anywhere you want to with the people you want to play it with.

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